Sam Churchill was born in 1911 in Astoria, Oregon, 20 miles from the Western Cooperage logging camp where his father, “Big Sam”, lived during the height of the west coast’s timber era.

Sam wrote two books, Big Sam and Don’t Call Me Ma, describing his formative years growing up in isolated lumber camps.

He also published a series of short stories, called Say It Again, Sam, from his life as a reporter and columnist for the Yakima, Washington Herald-Republic, where he worked from 1951 to his retirement in Astoria in 1974.

After his retirement, Sam also wrote numerous articles for Loggers World. He was married to Dorothy Churchill for more than 50 wondrous years.

Below are some short stories from Say It Again, Sam:

Other Churchill Websites:

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  1. Hello, Sam Churchill! I was reading something the other day and thought of you. I remembered how you so easily gave me my first HTML lesson. It was like being taught to fly. Here you go… now figure out the rest of it… and so I have. Thank you, Kent Frutiger, for introducing me to you. I do hope your life is going well and that you’re still smiling and having some fun. I was thrilled to find this page and now that I know how to get here, I’ll be back to read some stories. Thanks and Cheers! Bridget

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